SuperTuxKart Game Review, How To Setup on pc?

SuperTuxKart is a fun, addictive, multipurpose, and freely distributed game that makes Cart Racing synonymous. As its name suggests, the original character of the game is Tux, Linux Mascot.

Features at a Glance

The main features include support for multiplayer games, more than 20 annas and play tracks, single race, Grand Prix, time trial, 3-Strike battles and multiple gameplay modes using split screen setup. Follow-Leader.

In addition, the game is supported by Mac players such as Tux, 4 players at the same time on the same computer. If you want to visit the Egyptian Pyramid, drive through the sand, see the great lighthouse, space or underground race, SuperTuxKart game you want to download.

During the race competition, you should be very careful about the things cast by your opponents such as gun gum, cake, runner, or even bowling balls, which will destroy your cart and get out of the game.

Start with SuperTuxKart

Installing SuperTuxKart on GNU / Linux operating systems is distributed as a pre-built binary file for easy work, such as 64-bit (x86_64) and 32-bit (x86) distributions. Also available for download with a source troll with the latest sources.

However, the best way to install SuperTuxKart on your Linux distro is by using binary packages found in main software repositories, which can be accessed using your distribution's graphical package manager (such as Ubuntu Ubuntu Software Center).

After the installation, you can start the game from the games section in the main menu of your desktop environment. The game will be open in full-screen mode and you can start your kart racing adventure.

Linux, Mac, and Windows supported
Currently, SuperTuxKart is supported on all GNU / Linux distributions, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

What's new in this release:

  • Low RSR and VRAM usage, reduction of Orea and Benue load times
  • New nets optimized for space and hardware skins
  • Reinforcing both render pipeline code by Benu and LDi
  • New Qatar's Wilbur and Hexol by Jimis
  • New cart updated by Kiki and Benu
  • New Tracks Cornfield Crushing and Candle City by Sea Coast
  • Improve physics and fix various physics errors in hikers
  • Cart Gfx Improvement (Xhost & Headlight)
  • In-game screen recording powered by LipopenClockcard
  • Strong's high-quality mimpex project
  • New smooth camera by Orri
  • New Grand Prix Victory Scene
  • Bugpad Gamepad Configuration
  • 3 Strikes Battleship: Added Extra Tire Cartridge
  • Various improvements (Wall Driving Fix, Parachute, GP Point, Canon Fix, Color Shutter)
  • What's New Version 0.9.2:

There is a lot of work from Benau in this release, a new developer. Thanks to that, we are now supporting TTF fonts, which are easy for us to maintain and all the letters from all major languages ​​should be confirmed now. He finished recording races and Satan Replace (where you can try to hit a recorded race), which started as a Google Summer of Code project, but is not fully integrated.

 In addition, he finished and significantly improved the combat mode computer work on the opponents, even even and added the ability to play against the computer against and against the computer in football mode.

To celebrate the new Ai support in football mode, we are Copa Antarctica. We have created a poster for this. A set of Antarctica Cup, 3 Ennis. The first made by Benoy and Samsung is a new football field. IC Soccer Field.Is a new field, which includes release.
Similar to what we have done in the past, we propose to package gifts as gifts to others in Super Toccata.

This package is a new field and football stadium. Las Dunas Included, a daytime version, and a separate nighttime version.
Besides, the gift package is also called Candle City. This will include the latest version, which was previously included in the gift package. After donating to SuperTuxKart, the gift package can be downloaded. We use the money for addon and web servers for this money and will use more for network development.

But we have more new tracks. Included Antediluvian abyss Samoonkli track, which instead of the old Sabasia track. An initial-access version of this track was for donors in the part of our previous gift package, but as promised, it is now released as part of the standard release.
We included a new track included the first time contributor Ponzino - a new 'Volcan Island & Track.

Ozone 0 nm and CroBnil also contributed a new original song for the farm track; And by implementing a new kart characteristic system in Flakebi, it makes it easy to do the cart physics correction and have the cart with different behaviors.
As mentioned in the previous post, the network multiplayer is unfortunately not available yet because it works well to work better.

What's New Version 0.9.1 / 0.9.2 RC1:

After countless hours of bug fixing, tweaking and improvement we are proud to announce SuperTuxKart 0.9.1 release.
The gift package for donors has also been updated: This is the new candy city track, which is widely shown in our new trailer. This is the first generation of a city that is inspired by various real places.
But the gift package also includes Samunlal Anadeidualian Abyss update, which included snake learning in the previous gift package.

 The underground landscape has been developed and you can spot fish swimming and water tank debris. Although most of these tracks will change and minor improvements, they will otherwise end up. Both tracks from the gift package must be released in future versions of SuperTuxKart as part of the core game.

If you want to support SuperTuxKart, we will encourage you to visit our donation page, where you can donate some money to this project, giving you a URL for the gift package. If you have made a donation of $ 5 or more in the past, please contact us, and get this new package without any new donation.

The 'Carnival Dell Cacao' track included in our previous gift package is now available as a pledge to be released under our CCL 3.0 under the addons webpage.
Never forgot the core game, and we're happy to see that the oldest track of Supercodart - the mathematics class of Oliver - has finally received some love and attention.

Other tracks have also been updated to take advantage of new engines. But we've worked in the original games and specific and advanced bugs and things. If the track is moved in the opposite direction, we will now be able to change the direction of the arrow (which indicates the driving direction), and we already use it in the STK enterprise.

Some physics took place in tweaking, hopefully, due to Behavior more stable cartridges, and we significantly improved audio handling. It was a very important and time-consuming change scripting introduction: It can be included in STK to make track tracker more dynamic, which can include small scripts. This allows us to apply tutorials in C ++, which now changes to Angel skill and as the first example, The Cocoa Temple is now included in barrels which can be destroyed. Hopefully, more interesting and dynamic tracks will come out in the future.

when you want to put a monkey dance when you're coming closer to the cart, you can now do this. Finally, many challenges have been kept more balance.
As quick surveillance to the future: We hope to improve the appearance of STK instead of the current bitmap-based font system with a TTF renderer, which hopes to make STK well in different languages. Further scripting work is planned, so if you are a 3D Moderator and want to apply specific features of your track, we need to know what functionality you need. And we have already started implementing the network.

 And when it's nothing to be finished in a month or two, we are working on a release with the first LAN-only support, after the WAN support.
What's New Version 0.9:

  • Fully shader-based rendering engine:
  • New track Coco Temple and the Gran Paradiso
  • Graphical improvements to many tracks
  • New Cort Amanda, Gavroche, Sara (as Wizard and Racer)
  • Advanced Tux, Adium, Suzanne and X
  • Online login can:
  • Connect with friends and see when they are running
  • Voting for add-ons
  • Collect Online Perceptions
  • Various Cart Physics
  • In-Game Grand Prix Editor
  • Random Grand Prix Generation
  • Acquisition system